Creating A Space


When in the kitchen, to be prepared for cooking your meal or baking your dessert, the key to success is having your set up taken care of, your mise en place, meaning “everything in its place.” For me, being creative is no different.  I need my space ready to go. Not just having my tools handy or at least within arms reach, but having a space that is inspiring and visually stimulating.  I need to have bright colors, patterns, textures, unfinished art, art by others, etc. Anything and everything to get the juices flowing.


The towers have boxes have dwindled drastically in the last month, two to go in fact.  Frames and posters are crawling up the walls like ants.  My craft nook saw the first of that today.  My last apartment didn’t have it’s own designated space for creativity which caused small projects to become a relatively clumsy task.  The new Pad de Laura Lee has its own wall.  My bulletin board, made by yours truly, tacked with items from my Mother, a handmade card by a fantastic artist, Nicole Donnelly, a postcard from my best friend sent during her worldly travels, and work from Megan King of MLK & toast. The work of others always helps me to feel motivated.  Thank you, ladies!


Having unfinished projects out in sight is definitely a great motivator to get into gear and get making too! Now there are a couple of projects that always get pushed to the back burner by something new and exciting. Sometimes unfinished art can be just as pleasing to look at, like the handmade ornaments that I have piled in a basket. Also having rolls of fabric exploding out of wooden crates is another way I keep inspired.  I am so eager to set up my sewing machine, stitch together new masterpieces, and more… Thank you for staying tuned to this episode of made by laura lee.




Does It Make A Difference?

IMG_0194I woke up this morning with the sense of being completely overwhelmed.  Maybe it’s the grey sky or the hit over the head feeling of Austin’s allergies, but I had the strange urge to write and put my thoughts out there to the universe and in this case you, whoever you may be.  Over the past week I have had the opportunity to discuss with several friends on different occasions: life, music, work, food, and the ever heavy, “What am I doing with my life?”  It seems to be the generation before us had aspirations of being the President, or a doctor, or a vet (you get the picture?) but I wouldn’t want to touch any of those things with a ten foot pole.  I think my friend, Frank, hit the nail right on the head when he said, “I just want to be happy.”

I just want to play music, I want to make art, cook up jams, but I the voice of reality chimes in, for whatever reason, it sounds remarkably like my parents, “Playing music won’t pay the bills.  Embroidered towels won’t put food on the table.  Jams and jellies won’t keep a roof over your head.” What if it could?” is my response. I quit my day job a year ago and picked up a restaurant job, in hopes to really focus my energy on pursuing what I love. I leave my job practically in tears on a daily basis and seem to be no further in my artistic pursuits.

In a town where musicians are a dime a dozen, sometimes less due to the inflation of SXSW, Pinterest and Etsy make it seem like the next girl is ten times more crafty than me, Facebook and social media makes it impossible to get an original thought through to just one friend out of 1,500.  So my questions is… is it worth it?  Does it make a difference?  Or should I just cave to my parents ever nagging… you need to get a real job, which translates to give up on your dream.  There is definitely a lot of internal conflict going on.  How have my parents told me my whole life to never, ever give up and then turn around and tell me to “give up” and be realistic?

I apologize for the less than uplifting post, maybe I should’ve waited until after my first cup of coffee to start writing, but this is something I have been mulling over in my mind for a little while now.  I had to write about it and get it out there, we’ll just have to see if it makes a difference.


Getting Back in the Groove

Beautiful flowers from the market! A perfect house warming present from Brenna Peterson of The Commerce Supper Club.
Beautiful flowers from the market! A perfect house warming present from Brenna Peterson of The Commerce Supper Club.

It’s been quite a long time since my last blog post.  An embarrassingly long time, that is.  Sometimes life just gets in the way.  I’ve house sat, couch surfed, travelled, and most recently (and finally, I might add) moved into a brand new apartment.  There is something about nesting in a new home that is very much like a new beginning.

Looking back at the last year or so… I do have to pat myself on the back because I have completed everything on my 2013 To Do List (see “A Big To Do”)  These were all big steps in the right direction.  But what now? I’m not sure.  Unpacking the mountains of boxes? Hanging pictures on the walls? Rearranging furniture? In short, making a home.  A cozy, comfort place where I can nurture my creative juices so that I can say, “Why, yes… this is made by Laura Lee.”

Although, this may not be my most eloquent post or heart felt, I wanted to take a moment and thank you in advance for your support for those that maybe reading.


2 Doors

They say when one door closes another opens.  We all know it to be true.  That being said I would like to dedicate this post to Johnson’s Backyard Garden as a farewell.  I was with JBG for three years and have closed the door so to speak.  It saddens me quite a bit to move on, but the phrase, “My back hurts,” or “I’m getting too old for this,” seems to be flying out of my mouth on a a much more regular basis.  No worries, you will still find me in their booth at the farmers market every week filling my bag with delicious organic vegetables!  What can I say?  I’m hooked!  Wouldn’t you be with produce like this?

Below is a collection of photos that I have taken over the last year from various farmer’s markets I have worked!  Enjoy!