Shameless Promo #2: Brandied Apple Butter

12020033_10207959028273210_4932648787130426837_n Good morning!  Cup of coffee in hand and off we go.  Bleary eyed and half asleep, I’m still capable of a little shameless self promotion at 7:30 in the morning. I’m not sure once I am a little more awake, that I’ll be proud of myself because I was able to wrench myself out of bed a few extra minutes early or slightly ashamed of tooting my own horn on the interwebs for everyone to see.

Either way…. this post…. worth it.

Brandied Apple Butter

I can’t seem to keep this one in stock.  I’ve got an extra big batch for this Sunday.  Bring your cash, credit cards, or just a lot of breakfast tacos to pick up this rich, caramelly-sweet goodness in a jar!  Perfect for fall, actually, it’s just perfect anytime, if I do say so myself.


Shameless Promo #1: Cranberry Conserves

I like to think of this as a little teaser!  Not only a brain teaser for me, seeing as it is 7 am and well before my morning coffee, but for ya’ll to get a little sneak peek for the goodies I will have this Sunday.

FullSizeRenderCranberry Conserves

Thanksgiving is not too far away!  Now, I’m not one to celebrate Turkey Day all that often.  It usually means hectic travel, relatives, and the guilt of stuffing myself, but this year, I’m putting that aside and have created some Cranberry Conserves for the occasion.

For the more traditionalists, I have an Orange Cranberry Sauce that is slightly tart and tangy.  For the more adventurous palette, or maybe just the Texans, I’ve canned up a Jalapeno Cranberry Sauce, sweet with a mild spicy finish.

If there are any jars left over after the event, shipping will be available.


Nevermind the Seesaw: Playgrounds and Parties

POST ACL POSTERIt’s funny how my last post was all about finding balance between life and work. Some time has passed and I haven’t seem to have found it. I mean, I haven’t been going back and forth: teetering on one side and returning to the other. I’ve just gone ahead and broke the damn seesaw.  There’s no guilt though.  In fact, I find myself building a better seesaw, a new jungle gym, revamping the slide and swing set.  I’m so propelled by staying busy, building, working, that I haven’t even taken the time to notice: I’ve built a whole new playground.

Yes, I’m working non-stop.  I, for once, have money in my bank account to show for it, although not much.  I’m traveling. I’m crafting. I’m canning. I’m playing music.  I’m doing it all and it feels so satisfying, but this Sunday, I am taking the time to notice all of it coming together.

This Sunday, I am hosting a craft fair meets music event.  Crafts by yours truly will be available, so I can hopefully reap the benefits of all the crafty things I’ve made (but haven’t been blogging about), baked goods, henna, other art, and jewelry.  I will be posting, hopefully, everyday leading up to the event about goodies I will be selling, and of course, sharing pictures afterwards!

If you’re in Austin, go ahead and check out the Facebook Event with more details: Post ACL Patio Party Event.