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Star Wars & Serendipity

I was never a fan of Star Wars.  Gasp!  I know, right?  When we were kids, my father used to make my brother and I watch the original trilogy over and over (and over) again.  As a girl that was more interested in ponies than storm troopers, it was difficult to stay engaged.  Fast forward to 2016, I revisited the original Star Wars movies.  I decided there had to be more going for it than Harrison Fords ultimate babe-dom and the intrigue of the Ewoks.  Of course, there was.

It’s funny how a movie made over 30 years ago is still wildly popular as it is today.  The amazing part is that it will most likely carry on for another few decades.  Why do I think that?

This past December I got commissioned to make a stool for a little boys Christmas present.  When given the option of cars, planes, or Star Wars, something in my heart told me to go for Star Wars.  It seemed like a no brainer.  I fashioned what I thought to be a perfect gift.  Only days, after he received it, Carrie Fisher passed away.  By a twist of fait, the most bad ass princess of all times passed away just in time for the next generation to carry out their love of Star Wars.



2017 Furniture for the Fight

img_5261The first of the year always has me taking to my journal feverishly planning all the things I want to accomplish for the year.  Not just vague resolutions such as, loose weight or save more money, but I mean a comprehensive plan with dates, timelines, what to do when, who to email, etc. While I’d love to drop some weight, that is at the bottom of my list.

This year rather than a resolution, I have taken on a year long project.  Let me explain…

Like many of you, I found after the 2016 election that I was beside myself.  I felt so helpless.  My heart weighed heavy for myself, women, minorities, LBGTQ, people of different religions, the list goes on and on and on.  While I sit here white and realizing I do have an advantage over others, I won’t get hit quite as hard, but still… my ovaries tremble.

But I’m just one person?  I have my day job, I work too much, I’m trying to be more creative on a regular basis. There are only so many hours in the day and so much coffee I’m willing to drink before I slip into cardiac arrest.  What can I do?

Here’s what I’ve come up with…

For every group that our dear President Elect has thrown under the bus during his campaigning days, I will be devoting one month to each group.  While I quickly realize this could easily keep me busy for the next four years, one year is where I’m starting.  For every month/group, I will be refinishing a piece of furniture influenced by this group.  Here is the best part: for every piece I sell, I will be donating a percentage of the proceeds to an organization to support the cause.  Here is the outline so far:

January is National Mentoring Month and will be donating to Big Brother Big Sister

February is Black History Month and will be donating to the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People

March is Women’s History Month and will be donating to Running Start

April has Earth Day and will be donating to Earth Justice

May is Immigrant Asian American Month will be donating to National Immigration Forum

June is LGBT Pride Month and will be donating to Lambda Legal

July will be dedicating to our Muslim Neighbors (due to the end of Eid Al Fitr) and will be donating to the Council of American Islamic Relations

August is dedicated to Water Preservation and will be donating to the Sierra Club

September is Ovarian and Prostate Awareness Month and will be donating to Planned Parenthood (most likely in Mike Pence’s name)

October is Hispanic Month and will be donating to Boarder Angels

November is Native American Heritage Month and will be donating to Native American Rights Fund

December is devoted to Civil Liberties and will be donating to ACLU

If you have read this far… Thank you.  What can you do to help? Help me spread the word.  Please.  We all can make a difference in a million little ways.  This is mine.

Happy New Year… Here’s to a better 2017.