About Laura Lee

“Jane of all trades” is most likely the phrase to describe artist and creator Laura Lee Imhoff. Although, master of none certainly wouldn’t be something that follows it up. While Imhoff is known for her musical talent as a singer/songwriter, she has always been a visual artist at heart. Upon graduating from The School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston with a focus in traditional stained glass methods, Imhoff moved to Austin in 2008 to pursue her music career.

During the past decade, Ms. Laura Lee has found herself deepening her roots as a visual artist, but not in the traditional sense. With a world that has gone high tech, she has found a niche in the resurgence of old time crafts: hand embroidery, the creation of canned goods, and giving new life to tired furniture. 

After over 12 years in Texas, Laura Lee has returned to her roots this past winter and has taken the business with her and settled in Boxford, Massachusetts. Laura Lee is feverishly continuing to grow made by Laura Lee, as well as working with Paisley Farm & Greenhouses and growing not only beautiful flowers but the perfect farm to table produce. 

About the blog

Imhoff’s blog, made by laura lee, launched in 2013 as a way to share her creative process, completed projects, and even artistic dry spells with friends and family, near and far. With its casual writing style and incorporation of personal content, made by laura lee is upbeat, simple yet relatable, and subtly inspirational. There is a wide range of subject matter and entries, much like Laura Lee’s expansive skillset, from canning to recipes, to music and community, and to her most beloved embroidery and refinishing furniture.

While the made Laura Lee and the business grow and shift, the blog still remains consistent in providing updates, DIY posts, recipes, and more. More recently as of Spring 2020, made by laura lee has introduced new elements into the blog with her more recent endeavors of starting a small-scale farm. The blog will soon begin introducing elements of gardening how-tos, seasonal planting guides, and farm-to-table specific recipes. To view the most recent posts, check out the made by laura lee blog here.

About the business

Like many artists, there is a strong desire to make a living from their work. Laura Lee began canning and hand embroidery as a hobby and creative outlet. This hobby slowly turned her apartment into a craft version of “Hoarders” or “Martha Stewart” gone wrong. Over the last year, Imhoff has begun casually selling her handmade wares and seeing a great demand for locally made goods. As 2016 rang in, Imhoff has taken on a studio space for her expanding side project of refinishing furniture. With the overwhelming support from the community, Imhoff is now in the beginning phases of turning the concept of made by laura lee into a business.

In 2017, Laura Lee launched a Kickstarter campaign, “help made by laura lee grow” in order to raise funds for the start up of an official business. After successfully raising over $10,000 in 30 days, made by laura lee has since launched an online store, participated in countless farmer’s markets and craft fairs, expanded to a bigger workspace, and in the process of hosting virtual workshops.

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