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– DIY Inspiration –

Rustic Cornmeal Loaf Cake 

I’ve always claimed that I’m not much of a baker. I still stand by this statement, but I admit I’ve been doing far more baking since I moved into this little cabin. I’m not sure if it’s all the hard work that we’re putting into building a homestead or if it’s stress baking from coronavirus.… Continue reading Rustic Cornmeal Loaf Cake 

Staying Sane & Stitching

Ok, ok… staying home is starting to get to me. I miss going out, I miss friends, I miss having a cup of coffee on a patio.

A Place to Hang Your Hat

This beauty just received a long awaited makeover. From an olive green to dark grey, she got a complete overhaul on the base removing old wood to make way for new legs and fresh looking hardware.

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