Furniture for the Fight: January

img_5372Wow! We have survived the first month of 2017.  What a whirlwind it’s been!  Remember one of my last posts where I talked about my year long project? Furniture for the Fight? Well, I have completed my first project month’s project.  January was National Mentoring month and a percentage of the proceeds will be going to Big Brother, Big Sister.

About the Piece

This piece is a tri-fold screen.  The trim is painted in primary colors.  One side is painted cream and buffed with a walnut finish to produce an antiqued look.  The other side painted with chalkboard paint so little ones can draw, add, subtract, practice their alphabet on the other side.  (All colored paint is finished with a polyurethane finish for easy cleaning.)

This piece is FOR SALE.  If interested, please contact me directly at



Star Wars & Serendipity


I was never a fan of Star Wars.  Gasp!  I know, right?  When we were kids, my father used to make my brother and I watch the original trilogy over and over (and over) again.  As a girl that was more … Continue reading

Big News: Farmer’s Market First!

It’s no secret or surprise or even anything new that I am somewhere around a farmers market, right?  Whether it was my days slinging veggies for Johnson’s Backyard Garden, doing my own shopping, or playing music, I’m no stranger to the markets around Austin.  The one thing I haven’t done:I have not attended a farmers market as a vendor for my own business. That is until now!!

Sunday, December 11th
11:11 AM- 3 PM
HOPE Farmer’s Market
Austin, TX

This is very exciting, a little nerve wracking, and a big step for my business and myself.  Thank you to all of you that have supported me along the way.


Laura Lee

Whatchya got in those jars?

img_4754It’s that time of year…. the weather is finally cooling down.  The holidays are coming.  It’s time to stock up on gifts and my favorite, just eat.  To help you with both, I’ve got a selection of canned goods for this holiday season.

Brandied Apple Butter

Cranberry Orange Sauce

Cranberry Jalapeno Sauce

Pear Ginger Syrup

I’ve got them in 8 ounce and 4 ounce jars.  Perfect for eating out of the jar, spreading on turkey, mixed in a cocktail, spread on pound cake, the possibilities are endless.  I’ll have them available at the East Austin Studio Tours tomorrow and Sunday.  Whatever is still available on Monday, I will be glad to ship out!

Studio Tour Galore!


Last weekend was the start of the East Austin Studio Tour.  Unfortunately, I was cuddled up with a box of tissues, tea, antibiotics, and an inhaler fighting off a case of bronchitis and walking pneumonia.  Not ideal for showcasing my work, but I’m slowly on the mend and definitely looking forward to sharing all sorts of goodies this coming weekend.  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous!  I will be there with my dear friend, Kat O’Day, and Nicole Parker.  I hope to see some of you out there!

E.A.S.T. #438 Facebook Event

Monthly Music

I always post on my Music Page (under the Shows section) about upcoming gigs, but I rarely utilize the blog section to talk about them. It really never occurred to me to do so until now.

For the last few months, and for the foreseeable future, I have my own little monthly residency at Opa Coffee and Wine Bar on the First Saturday of the Month.  I play from 8 – 10 PM. If you haven’t been to OPA, it’s a great little spot.  One of the last of it’s kind as far as the original South Austin feel.  It’s cozy on the inside and has an expansive kick ass patio to tip back an affordable glass of wine under the giant oak tree.  You really can’t go wrong.  Not only do I work at OPA, because I still have my day job, but performing here is a treat.  The regulars are beyond supportive of what I do, it’s laid back and low pressure.

And yes, while having a monthly residency isn’t anything to brag about, ya know, like a weekly one, it’s a start.  It’s nice to see more and more familiar faces every month and watch it grow.  Hopefully, I’ll get to see some of you out at OPA this coming Saturday, October 1st!


California Knows How to Party

I’m sure every 90’s child read the title and immediately queued up the  2Pac song in their head.  Yep, I do it every time and every August when I head out to Santa Monica to visit one of my closest girlfriends.  This past year marked 10 years of me traveling across the country to visit her, whether it be in Boston, New York, or L.A.  Admittedly, California is my favorite. The sun, the beach, the opportunity to escape the Texas heat and, of course, like any friends that get together… EAT too much, sleep too little, and get dressed up as much as you can! Here are some photo’s from my trip I thought I would share!