First You Take A Leek…

Ok, I realize this is a little bit of an alarming title, but I am so excited leeks are back in season! As some of you know, I work at the farmers market for Johnson’s Backyard Garden. You can fully expect to see me every Saturday and Sunday morning hustling veggies. Nothing makes me happier! (ok, there are a few things…but as far as work goes, this is pretty awesome.) Anyway, leeks are back!

I have an odd love of leeks. It all started as a kid, when my Dad and I were in this tiny book store in Long Island. My Dad picked up this bright green cook book with the title, “First You Take A Leek” He and I were in stitches laughing so hard. We actually got asked to leave! Unfortunately, we didn’t end up getting the book, but to this day I still think about it every time I see leeks.

How do I cook my leeks? Well, I am so glad you asked!



– 1 bunch of JBG leeks
– 1 Tbs. butter
– 1 Tbs. sesame oil
– 1 Tbs. sesame seeds
Melt one tablespoon of butter in a saute pan. Add leeks. Let them cook down and soften. Add sesame oil. Keep cooking them down until they caramelize and then add sesame seeds.
*Note: I like to watch my sodium intake, but I recommend adding salt to taste. Great as a side dish!

Don’t believe me on the cook book, order it here: First You Take a Leek

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