Ready, Reset, Go!


Vacation, it’s like milk, it does the body good. It also did my tired little brain some serious good. It has been a while since my last post and while I realize I have a little guilt about that, a break definitely helped me realign myself. Since my last post, I left a negative work environment to join the warm and welcoming family at Opa Coffee and Wine Bar. Thanks to having days off, I now have much more time on my hands to be cool and crafty!
Thanks to this great new job, I could also take time to have a vacation! I made my yearly trek to the West Coast to see my friends, Emily and Zane. My trip was filled with beach outings, museums, dancing, Vegas adventures, lots of great food, and more beach outings. Being an East Coast girl, sometimes all that is missing from central Texas is the ocean.IMG_1063
My brief sabbatical also allowed for some alone time which I utilized for self reflection and planning for my future. The one thing that kept creeping into my mind every chance that it could was a memory of a lunch date I had with one of my favorite farmers. He spent our lunch recounting stories from 40 years ago about a wealthy man he used to work for, being flown around the world, real estate scams, unknown love, etc. His stories were something you would read in a book or the beginnings to a movie. I was fascinated and envious at the same time. During my time away I kept thinking to myself, “I want to be able to have my own stories like this.”
To jump start my story making, I bunkered down and worked on a very detailed two year plan. I’m very eager to begin checking items of my list and looking forward to sharing with you, until then… Stay tuned.

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