Nevertheless She Persisted

I feel that this, like many women, is our mantra.  It always has been, we just never really embraced it like we do now.  This is not meant to be a hyped up political rant, but an appreciation for what we do on the daily.  To the women that have children and still work 40+hrs a week and keep a family together, to my single lady friends who are pursuing their dreams and don’t let anything stop them, to my friends that are married and work crazy hours and are still able to be the perfect wife, the list could go on forever.

We all continue on.  We get knocked down and fall on our face and still get up looking just as fabulous. So in honor or Elizabeth Warren and all my fierce fellow female warriors, I stitched up a little something special for the Musicians Artist Fair at One-2-One Bar yesterday.


Let me just say, these little ladies were a hit.  To be honest, I didn’t expect to sell so many, so I will be stitching up more as fast as I can.  If you are interested in one of these, shoot me an email, comment below, whatever you’d like, and I’ll make sure to get one to you!

Thanks ya’ll!  Keep persisting!

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