2015: Magnitude for the Mind

10292546_10152192206312465_347630971126731298_nThe first post of 2015.  Ah, yes.

In most cases, I would be drowning in guilt since my last post was weeks ago, but this year shall turn over a new leaf.  No guilt, less stress.

I had a lovely holiday visiting with friends and family.  I rang in the New Year with the one and only person that I would want to: my Mama and now I’m back in Austin with a fresh perspective.

The first of the year always lends itself to a fresh start.  We all set goals and make resolutions that we typically find ourselves not quite reaching or perhaps breaking sooner rather than later.  Resolutions such as save more money, go out less, loose weight.  If there is one thing that I have learned from my mother the last few years is to set goals that are quantitative.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, not really.  Think about it? “I want to loose weight” Well, that’s nice and all, but it gives you nothing to work with.  “I want to loose 5 pounds.” Ok, certainly attainable. “No, no, no, I want to loose 20 pounds?” Instantly? If we could do that, I would have lost 15 last August before my trip to Vegas. So…. I want to loose 1 pound a week by March 30th by doing x, y, z…” Ok, admittedly I’m just making numbers up, but you get the idea.

2015: Magnitude for the Mind

While I have things I would like to be better about this year, none of the previously mentioned resolutions are any of them.  Mine are for the mind.

1. I will read 1 book a month. (I mean, a book book, not just Martha Stewart, Edible Austin, InStyle, I mean a novel, my old art history text books,  you name it.  I can’t remember the last time I actually read a book cover to cover. I want anything to make me feel like I am learning again. If it’s a 300 page book thats roughly 10 pages a day. Totally Doable.)

2. I will create 1 to 2 handmade items a week and I will write 1-2 blog posts a week. (My 12 Days of Crafting Blogathon, my first craft fair, and the amazing feedback and support I got from my Instagram and Facebook following have me super motivated to try and sell my handmade items. Doesn’t sound so mentally stimulating? Creativity seems to breed more creativity. I’d say that has a great deal to do with the mind.)

3. I will enroll or audit one Summer Class (most likely at ACC) for 1 of the 3: Marketing, Small Business/Entrepreneur, or Graphic Design. (3 Classes I completely regret not taking in college. I feel I’ve missed out or am missing something. I need a little bit of knowledge to push me to the next level.)

Of course there are other things I would like to do this year: record an EP by September, participate in 3 or more craft fairs by July 1st, and spend 4-5 days in Costa Rica with my best friend in the beginning of April to name a few.  It’s always best to start small.  To feel overwhelmed from the beginning is never a good way to start anything.  You will set yourself up for failure and that is certainly no way to start a new year.



Blocks and Blanks to Back in Action

IMG_1111As an artist, staring at a blank canvas can be very intimidating when you’re in the midst of a creative drought.  For a writer, a blank page can be the equivalent while experiencing a block, but for a songwriter, when you’re unable to make your instrument make the sound you want, even though you’re not entirely sure what it might be, stringing words to go along can become an impossible task.  As any type of creative mind, has experienced this and when it goes on too long you begin to question yourself as an artist, a painter, a musician, etc. We try everything: wine, coffee, falling in love, getting heart broken, structure, complete chaos, workshops, friends, family, solitude, you name it, we’ve done it.

I’ve been in a songwriting drought for about a year now.  I’ve started a little something here and there, but all of them I have completely hated and in disgust for creating something so awful, I toss the scraps to the wind.  Frustrated with my lack of lyrical output, I have created a deadline for myself.  I am planning on writing a song a week for the month of November. Come December I will record at the Brooklyn Outboard in Nashville, TN. There is literally no time or room for putting it off or procrastinating.

I have gone from practicing once or twice a week to playing, doodling on my guitar, singing, and working on lyrics an hour or two every day.  I made this pact on Monday, November 3rd.  It Thursday, the 6th right now, and I’m one instrumental and one chorus in.  I’m hoping to come up with a couple versus the next few days and hoping that I will have a completed Song #1 by Sunday and perhaps ready to share on Monday.

I will still be working on other creative projects such as restoring furniture, but my main focus over the next month will be writing and hosting three fundraising shows.  I don’t want to pursue an Indie GoGo and Fundme campaign, because honestly, sometimes those campaigns can be a bit obnoxious.  (there I said it, I am sorry if you’re upset)  I am hosting two online shows that are donation based.  The first will be held Tuesday, November 18th at 8 PM CST. If you can’t donate, it’s cool!  Just log in, enjoy the show, and if you can, spread the word.

For the Facebook event with frequent updates on the November 18th show: Click here.

For the actual link to the online show: Concert Window.