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Busy, Busy, Busy Bee

FullSizeRenderI feel like just the other day I just wrote an entry about how I’ve been working far too much and not focusing on what matters to me.  I get stuck like a hamster in a wheel or a drone working for the Queen.  It’s the daily routine, the grind, the mindlessly trudging away, and when I get to the point of pausing I find myself scratching my head, “Why am I doing this?”

In the past, this hasn’t actually gotten me anywhere, in fact, it’s torn me down and landed me in the hospital.  I go through cycles and I am fine working all the time, but when I come to my senses I feel the need to satisfy myself emotionally and intellectually.  Not too long ago I asked my Facebook friends what I could do to switch things up or to take a break from the monotony. People recommended cutting my hair, going on tour, but the feedback that got me sitting up straight and peaked my interest were “more blIMG_3231og entries.”  They were onto something without a doubt.

Since then, I am still working my day job just as hard as I always have, but have made an effort to focus  on myself, crafting, music, and art just as much.  I have been going non stop for about a month now.  People have asked me, “How do you do it?” They say that I am like a machine!  Maybe that’s true. Of course, giving up coffee and alcohol have been a serious contributing factor to my new found creative energy plus creativity breeds creativity.

I have never felt so fulfilled the last month as I have my entire time living in Austin.  I make sure to spend at least two hours everyday doing something creative for myself.  Not only am I happier but I’m sleeping better too.  If that’s not great enough, I have a lot of new opportunities on the horizon, which I am looking forward to sharing more with you very soon.


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Going with the Creative Flow

FullSizeRenderI’ve been pretty quiet on the blog and Facebook front lately.  Sometimes the body and mind just need a little down time.  I picked up an extra shift at work last week and, for whatever reason, my creative flow has been thrown off.  Perhaps the colder weather and allergies had something to do with it… Or maybe a little rest and relaxation is what the doctor ordered.

Either way, it was nice to have a few days of curling up in bed with my February book or snuggled up on the couch watching a movie.  I find day dreaming always useful too.  Daydreaming of new projects, taking a trip, falling in love… the stuff that the best dreams are made of.

FullSizeRenderWhile falling in love hasn’t actually come true yet and my next trip is in the works (not until April though), new projects are the easiest to breathe life into.  Embroidery is the most natural way for me to slip back into my creative rhythm as well.  I’ve started another set of dinner napkins: peas in a pod.  Simple, adorable, and a nice little item to check off my project list.

As part of my day dreaming project list, I have had a little bit of an itch to get back into fine art.  I had a day dream of having an art showing at a gallery space or coffee shop.  I know that embroidering vegetables on napkins is a long way off, but it is just one more thing to work towards.

For now, I will keep stitching….

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Craft Fair Recap


IMG_1480The dust has settled and I am slowly cleaning up my apartment from the mania of 12 Days of Crafting and prepping and so on.  I’m not going to lie, I had nightmares the entire week before that I wouldn’t be able to sell a single item or that no one would like anything. I am relieved and so very thankful to say that my first craft fair was a success.  I am very much looking forward to participating in many more, that is right after I restock my inventory!

I did much better than I anticipated.  There is a glimmer of hope that I could quite possibly continue to do what I do… and, wait for it, make a living off of doing what I love doing the most: making.

Here are some pictures from my table.  I hope you enjoy!  I have some items left, so if you are looking for Christmas gifts, search no further!  Feel free to contact me!



Blocks and Blanks to Back in Action

IMG_1111As an artist, staring at a blank canvas can be very intimidating when you’re in the midst of a creative drought.  For a writer, a blank page can be the equivalent while experiencing a block, but for a songwriter, when you’re unable to make your instrument make the sound you want, even though you’re not entirely sure what it might be, stringing words to go along can become an impossible task.  As any type of creative mind, has experienced this and when it goes on too long you begin to question yourself as an artist, a painter, a musician, etc. We try everything: wine, coffee, falling in love, getting heart broken, structure, complete chaos, workshops, friends, family, solitude, you name it, we’ve done it.

I’ve been in a songwriting drought for about a year now.  I’ve started a little something here and there, but all of them I have completely hated and in disgust for creating something so awful, I toss the scraps to the wind.  Frustrated with my lack of lyrical output, I have created a deadline for myself.  I am planning on writing a song a week for the month of November. Come December I will record at the Brooklyn Outboard in Nashville, TN. There is literally no time or room for putting it off or procrastinating.

I have gone from practicing once or twice a week to playing, doodling on my guitar, singing, and working on lyrics an hour or two every day.  I made this pact on Monday, November 3rd.  It Thursday, the 6th right now, and I’m one instrumental and one chorus in.  I’m hoping to come up with a couple versus the next few days and hoping that I will have a completed Song #1 by Sunday and perhaps ready to share on Monday.

I will still be working on other creative projects such as restoring furniture, but my main focus over the next month will be writing and hosting three fundraising shows.  I don’t want to pursue an Indie GoGo and Fundme campaign, because honestly, sometimes those campaigns can be a bit obnoxious.  (there I said it, I am sorry if you’re upset)  I am hosting two online shows that are donation based.  The first will be held Tuesday, November 18th at 8 PM CST. If you can’t donate, it’s cool!  Just log in, enjoy the show, and if you can, spread the word.

For the Facebook event with frequent updates on the November 18th show: Click here.

For the actual link to the online show: Concert Window.